care instructions

We recommend the following care advices for our products:

Store our jewellery in a trinket box. It will avoid scratches and spare the surfaces.

Our advice: Ask for our red Swivel trinket box. It's spacially designed to store swivel rings. 

We recommend to take of our jewellery while cleaning and doing gardenwork,

as chemicals and soil could damage single parts.

Silverparts can be cleaned very easy with a silver cleaning cloth. 

The Oxidation (turning black) of Silver is a natural reaction and  appears through constant contact with oxigen.

Pearls are unique and natural products and should, to save the luster and shining,

be taken of while washing hands.


Leather is also a natural product which can change over time and through external influences like light, moisture,...

Please contact us or one of our swivel Sellers in case of any question about this topics.