Tradition and Modernity

Design, conception and production are realized in our family business, located at the beautiful region of the Niederrhein,

since more than 30 years.

The intention is not only to give our customers joy with our products, but also to take care about the sustainability of the used materials and the manufacture. Low-cost productions and child labour are definitively excluded,

based on the European Union legislations.

The origin of Gold* and Diamonds are certificated. We only use high-quality Gold-/ Platinum alloys and special medical stainless steel. We also decided to use only synthetic colour stones for our swivel system.

Not only because we are aware of the exploitation of natural resources, but also to create different stone shapes that would not be producable out of real stones. A consistent quality is guaranteed.

We combine traditional craft trade with modern CNC technology and high precision.

The steady high technical standard is a precondition for the serial manufacture and makes the swivel system

to a ringsystem of high quality and indiviual design.



Since 2002 we support „Kathleen Home“, a home for orphans and widows, in Narsapur, India.